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Australia Wide Painters manages each project efficiently, ensuring that all jobs are finished as per our Quality Assurance system. Australia Wide Painters is committed to abiding by all Australian building and laws and regulations. Click here for our Quality Assurance statement.

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Plant and Machinery Coating

Australia Wide Painters will provide you with the confidence that your industrial painting job will be done to the highest levels of your expectations.
When we handle your project, our quality, services, safety, on-time performance and genuine economic value are assured.Whether completing emergency repairs or a major project, industrial operations require a contractor who gets the job done quickly and at a competitive price while causing minimal disruption to on-going facility operation.
Moreover, work in most facilities requires a contractor who responds quickly and innovatively to unforeseen problems and roadblocks.

Australia Wide Painters will partner with you and your facility engineer to provide value engineering before your project begins, find solutions to your problems throughout the work, and deliver a project that works for your operational and maintenance teams.
Our ability to manage and self-perform all craft work enables us to honor each and every commitment we make.
There are a number of industrial painting services available from Australia Wide Painters. Our trained experts are qualified to paint on a variety of surfaces from metal and steel to wood and concrete. We specialise in all type painting, so we can handle the entirety of your industrial Painters 's interior or exterior painting needs, our painting experts have the experience necessary to provide a quality job from start to finish. We can then follow up with inspections to maintain the longevity.
Australia Wide handles specialized industrial painting needs. We have experience in painting silos, bins and tanks and more. Our experts can not only paint your industrial pipes, but also add color coordination and labelling to keep them separated for safety and maintenance reasons. Always hire an expert for jobs that require the painting of industrial machinery or equipment, as only trained professionals have the know-how to paint these items without damaging the mechanisms that make them work.

Keep your industrial Painters safe and easy to navigate with Australia Wide. Our experts are trained in properly painting safety signs. We can add stencilling to any structure to provide labelling for safety. Australia Wide can paint rails so that they are easy to see. We can also mark hazard zones to keep your industrial Painters a safe environment to operate in.
Paint for Safety
Australia Wide can provide a new coat of paint to improve visibility. By changing the color of your industrial or commercial Painters to a lighter color, you will be able to produce more light with fewer fixtures, as the paint will provide a reflective surface for the light to bounce off. Improved visibility means safer workers and a more attractive business.

Our Protective Coating services include details such as safety markers and signs. We can provide any type of stencilling you desire, whether it's needed to indicate off limit areas, to mark pipes or to give directions for employees and customers. At Australia Wide, we specialise in more than just painting interiors. Our contractors can also provide painting services for your industrial silos, tanks and other storage equipment. We can even provide Protective Coating on industrial machinery
Industrial Maintenance
Whether you have an old Painters that needs a touch up or a recently painted Painters that needs inspection, Australia Wide painters can help with the upkeep of your industrial Painters . We offer expert inspection services that spot trouble problems before they become serious issues. We run quality assurance programs and safe work plan developments to make sure your industrial Painters is always in its the best condition. We can add additional coats to improve safety and prevent damage.

Australia Wide can work with industrial Painters owners to figure out a service plan that is right for their budget and overall Painters needs. Our industrial painting experts can provide a number of painting services from ceilings and walls to safety signs and industrial machines. Australia Wide also offers a number of industrial cleaning services in addition to industrial painting. We also take care of your industrial painting maintenance and offer inspections to keep your Painters safe.
pumping stations
  • Australia Wide Painters understand that few utilities and municipalities today have the luxury of constructing new pumping stations, water treatment or waste water facilities on new sites. Rather, site availability and operational concerns demand that existing facilities be renovated or expanded.
  • Australia Wide Painters has proven its ability again and again to complete major projects in operating treatment plant environments while ensuring that owners continue to meet their obligations to their consumers and the environment.
  • Our ability to self-perform all craft work from the civil trades to complex instrumentation requirements enable us to complete your project on schedule and without unplanned disruptions to your on-going treatment regimen.
Secondary Containment
  • Australia Wide Painters is an experienced installer of coatings for secondary containment that is engineered for specific exposures to protect sumps, lagoons, concrete basins, dikes, geotextile fabrics, asphalt pavement and steel containments.
  • Secondary containment coatings protect our ground water by providing a reliable capture membrane for spills or leaks.
  • Trowelled, sprayed or rolled, these specialty high-tech coatings help your industry meet the strict requirements of environmental regulations.
  • As an approved installer of coating systems from all major suppliers, Australia Wide Painters can design applications to achieve the most economical and effective results for your containment needs.
  • Australia Wide Painters provide all necessary joint treatments and concrete repair prior to the special coating installation.