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Australia Wide Painters manages each project efficiently, ensuring that all jobs are finished as per our Quality Assurance system. Australia Wide Painters is committed to abiding by all Australian building and laws and regulations. Click here for our Quality Assurance statement.

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Commercial Painting Services

Australia Wide Painters
Quality Control monitoring and reporting includes:
  • Existing coating identification and component analysis
  • Substrate Cleanliness and etch pattern depth
  • Abrasive selection and recycling cleanliness
  • Wet Film Thickness (WFT)
  • Dry Film Thickness (DFT) per coat and total final thickness
  • Atmospheric Monitoring for temperature, humidity and dew point
  • Substrate Temperature Monitoring
  • Material selection, lot and batch verification, proper mixing, thinning and application monitoring
  • Visual Inspection for applied material related defects such as runs, sags, drips, over spray and holidays
  • Time and Temperature monitoring for applied film drying and curing gradients including wheel chart graphing
  • Plural Component Equipment Monitoring for proper agitation, ratio mixing and temperatures including heated line monitoring
  • Dry film Hardness Testing
  • Dry film adhesion testing
  • Holiday Testing - Both low and high voltage
  • Touch up and repair with mapping verification
  • Hazardous material removal and chain of custody documentation
  • Final project verification, report submission and customer approval
Project Management
When Australia Wide Painters is installing a project we can, at the request of our clients, provide full time quality control inspectors to manage all aspects of quality control and assurance.
All of our superintendents and for men are highly experienced and trained with the latest technology in the coating industry.In some instances, whether mandated by state or federal codes or client corporate directives and procedures, a full - time Australia Wide Painters is required on projects.

When this is the case, Australia Wide Painters will select an inspector with the background and experience necessary to insure all aspects of the project are properly monitored, documented and held at various checkpoint intervals.Once the project is completed and approved by the client, all documents can be provided in an easy to access format on disc for future reference.
Asset Assessment and Plant Surveys
Australia Wide Painters realises our customers are in the business of operating their respective facilities at full capacity with all their equipment operating as designed and without interruption.
Proper inspection and maintenance intervals have proven time and time to be the single most important aspect of uninterrupted service.Annual plant surveys of tank farms associated piping systems and equipment will provide the accurate and timely information needed to accommodate shut downs for periodic coating and lining maintenance or replacement.

Australia Wide Painters can also develop comprehensive budget and lump sum firm pricing for all coating and lining related projects with a reliable estimate of the down time each respective project will take.
Australia Wide Painters has the capabilities to provide multiple site field crews to work simultaneously to complete every aspect of a project during a shutdown.Exterior coatings, interior tank linings, fireproofing and flooring can all be managed and directed under a sole source of responsibility even during the most rigorous of time constraints.Annual surveys allow for the detection, planning and budgeting for all coating, lining, fireproofing and flooring requirements of our customers.
Specification Writing
Once a condition assessment is made, Australia Wide Painters can write a detailed project specification with a variety of cost comparisons that allow our customers to select material and installation options.
With a detailed focus on budgetary constraints, life cycle parameters, process efficiency, general safety and periodic maintenance costs.At Australia Wide Painters we know each customer has a matrix of constraints to work with and we provide as many options as possible to reduce costs and maximize operating life-cycles for coatings, linings, flooring's, secondary containment and fireproofing installations.

Our extensive product selection experience is built on years of reliability investigation, customer feedback and the ongoing exposure to state of the art and advanced technology in material design.
With Australia Wide Painters you can rest assured we only specify materials that meet or exceed the demanding applications of our customers.
Integrity Inspections
Australia Wide Painters does not conduct these types of tests, however, we are developing a Strategic Alliance Program (SAP) with exceptional companies that do.
Australia Wide Painters perform coating, lining, secondary containment and fireproofing inspections while metallurgical integrity testing is being conducted on site by another accredited agency.

By scheduling multiple inspections simultaneously or one right after the other, we can provide a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive inspection service Unparalleled in the industry.
By combining resources and working closely together, down time is substantially minimized while we take full advantage of utilizing one tank entry permit and the resources of one attendant.

The inspectors also have the ability to communicate their findings on site with one another and economically investigate areas which may be of concern to one or more parties, including the facility owner.
Third Party Independent Testing and Failure Analysis
Premature degradation to coatings, linings, fireproofing, flooring and secondary containment can be frustrating, time-consuming and a detriment to the ongoing process operations of our customers.
Australia Wide Painters has the experience, resources and independent testing laboratories necessary to fully assess any failure and to provide immediate and comprehensive solutions to a wide variety of failures.

Our preference is for annual asset inspections, but when time is of the essence our staff can address and identify the cause and effect relationship of premature failures.
Whether it be material selection or a thorough review of operating parameters, we have the skill and expertise to assess even the most difficult failures.